It’s a wild world out there. It’s always been wild, but it does seem particularly wild at the moment, which is what prompted me to write about it, about my own experiences in it, and about getting naked in it.

I’ve been an admirer and follower of nudism since my teenage years and, while I am still young, nudism is something I ponder constantly and has become a lens through which I like to think about current political, social, and cultural trends. That’s what AlmostWild is meant to be: A place to discuss the things that are happening in the world today through the eyes of a young person who likes to get naked. What are the social implications of nudism in the age of social media and online censorship? How does nudism adapt to exist in a world with less in-person interaction and a waning willingness to travel to get naked? What responsibility do nudists have to embrace an increasingly diverse population with shifting values? I may not be able to definitively answer any of these questions, but I think there is room in the landscape of nudist blogs for a socially conscious voice that wants to talk about them anyway.

This isn’t a travel blog, it isn’t a news blog, and it isn’t a photo blog. It may be those things from time to time, but this is primarily a cultural blog about nudism in the 21st century and why getting naked is worth the effort.

Formerly based in Portland, Oregon, currently living in Los Angeles, California, I’m a mildly active young urban professional with an MA in world languages, a love of pop culture, a tendency to spend entire weekends binge-watching Netflix, and an introverted nature. In my professional life, I work in the world of pop culture, so I try to bring a bit of that flavor as well.

Thanks to my work on this blog, I feel so grateful and proud to have made some amazing friendships with other nudist leaders and thinkers and creators and to have gotten involved volunteering and writing for the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). If you feel like you have something to say, say it! What I’ve learned is that, no matter how silly it seems, there’s someone out there who needs to hear it… who needs to hear you.

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